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In 1982, a 12 year-old boy made his first major appearance on TV screens throughout the world. This was Jean-François Dichamp, playing the part of the young Mozart in Marcel Bluwal’s epic film dedicated to the great composer. Until then, he began to study piano with his mother at an early age and also classical ballet during several years. But he always felt as being a musician rather than an actor or dancer.

After his succesful experience on screen he chose the difficult route of a career in music at the Paris Conservatory, where he was unanimously awarded his Premier Prix and the circuit of international piano competitions. Afterwards he met Nikita Magaloff with whom he studied during a while, being fascinated during his piano lessons by the so elegant and refined playing of the great Maestro and became one of the most brillant students of Maria Curcio. A disciple of Schnabel, Mme Curcio brought depth to his knowledge of the piano, and enlarged his whole musical horizon. Some years later he received artistic advices from Maria João Pires.

       Before long he began to reap the rewards of his talent and hard work. He won three prizes at the Santander international piano competition, finalist Prize, « young talent Prize » and the « Special Chopin Prize » awarded by Madame Arthur Rubinstein. This signalled the start of a career which brought him acclaim in Spain and many other countries. He has played in England, Poland, Ireland, Germany, Turkey, Romania, Holland, Portugal, Cyprus, Algeria, the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Chili and Brasil. « A very sensitive artist » according to The Times ; « a natural gift for Chopin » The Independent of Sunday; from Mexico « a truly musical event, after his magnificent recital the audience gave him a standing ovation ».

     Jean-François Dichamp has been a guest of France Musiques, Radio Classique and various festivals, including the Chopin at Duzniki (Poland), the "Chorégies d'Orange", the "Midis Musicaux du Châtelet" in Paris, the "Festa de la Musica" in Lisboa, the International Piano Festival of la Roque d'Anthéron and "The Folles Journées de Nantes". He has also taken part in the International Piano Festival of Frutillar (Chili) three times, the Piano Festival of Monterrey in Mexico and also twice in the International Piano Series of Charleston in South Carolina (USA).

Of his CDs, critics wrote:


« Jean-François Dichamp is a pianist of great delicacy,

subtle and elegant »

Le Monde de la Musique 


« (…) has now the means to be measured among the greats »

Madame Figaro 


« His Chopin is at once thorough and profond »



« (…) brings to the ear an acute sense of magical harmony »



« His second CD (dedicated to Liszt) demonstrates that Jean-François Dichamp is truly one of the best pianist among the new generation »

Alain Duault

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